Sportgroup Vienna

Our group is located in the federal capital Vienna. We meet regularly in the Metalab (first district). No matter if you are beginner or expert, everybody is welcome to join the meetings.

Date: Every first Sunday (for further irregular meetings you can have a look at the metalab calendar)
Start: 18:00 o'clock
Location: Metalab, Rathausgasse 6, 1010 Vienna

Jan Joseph
janj {AT} openlocks {dot} at

Sportgroup Salzburg

Regular meetings taking place for interesting people, independent if you have some knowledge or you are an amateur. You will be welcome at the SUB.

Date: Every first Tuesday
Start: 18:00 o'clock
Location: SUB Salzburg, Muellnerhauptstrasse 11b, 5020 Salzburg

Lukas Wanko
lukasw {AT} openlocks {dot} at

Sportgroup Hagenberg (Upper Austria)

Committed students from the university constitute to reanimate the art of lock picking in Hagenberg

Date: Every 2nd Tuesday
Start: 19:00 o'clock
Location: Loungerie (Gub gleich bei der FH Hagenberg im M├╝hlkreis)

M. Gierlinger
m.gierlinger {AT} openlocks {dot} at

Support needed

You are interested in Lockpicking? You are already with one or more friends? Or you are searching for someone in your area who is interested in Lockpicking? Just write us an e-mail and we will try to bring interested people from one area together. We are always searching for motivated members. :)