Lockpicking is a respectable sport where people try to open locks, safes or other closing devices through alternative ways, without destroying the device. It takes time to get the skill to open different kinds of locks but it's worth the work. First we try to understand the mechanism of the lock and then we try to open it. It is some kind of real-life hacking. You try to get a device to open in a way it was not designed for and without destroying it. Of course, this all is not used for bad purposes. In some cases it is used to improve the security of locks and to help the police with their work in finding traces.

Lockpicking is not hard to learn. You just need some time, patience and the will to go into lockpicking. Everybody who meets these requirements is welcome. To join us your attitude is also very important. We just want to have fun with opening locks and don't want to have people with bad intentions who destroy the comfortable atmosphere and cast a damning light on lockpicking.


Lockpicking is not a sport where criminals get their education for breaking into houses. A burglar wouldn't start learning lockpicking for several years to open doors. There are lots of commercial tools out there they can use for breaking into houses within minutes. Quite the contrary, the sport helps to improve the security of our locks. This leads to better protection mechanisms against burglars and other criminals.

Everyone who is interested in starting with lockpicking, just write a mail to our contact E-mail address or buy a pickset at one of your local lockpicking shops. Start with reading the "MIT Lockpicking Guide" and try some of the excercises. You'll see, with some patience and luck you will soon have opened your first lock!